Daria Dubois
4 min readJul 28, 2020


This is an issue that many girls and woman are going through in our generation. why? There are multiple reasons! But most of them come to two: synthetic and stressful live.

Let me introduce myself:
my name is Daria and I am an immigrant from Eastern Europe in United States. I moved to the States when I was 21 and since then I have been overworking, not sleeping, not eating enough and wasn't mindfully of my lifestyle which effected my womenhood.

I start having issues with period when I just came to the States. Constant stress and changes in life didn't allow me to build routine that is so important to our body! I would have multiple jobs working days and nights, sleeping on my way between jobs. I would eat a slice of pizza on my way to work just because I needed to eat something. However, of course a lot of times I would not eat anything at all. Water? forget about it! I at least needed to sleep.
On top of the stressful life I would drink coffee and energy drinks that would stress out my body even more.

During the second year in New York I went to college and had two jobs and full time education. And even on this schedule I have been trying to stay some what healthy. I was always an example for my friends of healthy living and fitness person.
During my college years I realized that I start losing sexual desire and at some point I didn't have period for three months. I got scared and decided to go to the doctor. They run tests, did scans and prescribed my birth control pills. I was scared of taking them so I was prescribed very low dosage.
When I finished college I right away bought my first house. It was a disaster but a very sweet deal in a very perspective neighborhood in Brooklyn. So I decided to go ahead, purchase it, fix it myself and Airbnb it! I was so excited! I spent nights after work fixing everything. In the morning I would wake up at 5am, sometimes even 4am to finish house work and go to hardware store for it's opening before my job.
I still had two jobs and now also a house with a very high mortgage payments.
Next year I joined a festival in Creative Technology in a role of a Director of Production and opened non-profit organization as a sister company to the agency I worked for. Year later I purchased second house with my friends, that are now my business partners. At some point I couldn't keep count of my jobs and responsibilities. I start having anxiety and panic attacks, swetty hands and shortage of breath that would shut down my body from time to time and I would fall asleep for several days.

And here my story comes to the point that changed everything.
I had a big fight with family members that I invited to move to New York. This just crashed me! My physical condition got much worse and I didn't have any other chance other then disconnection from them, leaving my jobs and taking a break to restore my health.
Although I still had my period.

November 2018 I am leaving my jobs, I am breaking up with my partner (I was very blessed to have him by my side, but we couldn't move forward). December was full of hope. January was full of new resolutions. February crashed me the way I couldn't get up, I was stuck in depression, my body was exhausted, I slept days and days. March I start pushing myself for self-love, self-care, going to to gym, decided to do my nutrition research and be more mindfully of my choices. April, my birthday, I got myself in a great shape and decided to go travel starting from May. I haven't been home for 4-5 years at that point.

And so May 17 was my first flight to Paris, then Moscow, then Istanbul, Frankfurt, Prague, London, Scotland.... By the end of July I visited around 25 places flying back and forth through the Europe, jumping from place to place every 4 days. From cold Scotland to hot summer Paris. I felt much better mentally and physically, but I still felt like something is left to reflect on and decided to start therapy to go over my life and my pains. I didn't even start the therapy and lost my period....
for some reason I thought that's a big issue right away.
no period is associated for me with a vacuum quiet sound box, there is no live, no movement. so quiet...

Since I had such issues in the past I through to take a break from the pills (it's recommended to take breaks of 3 months out of the year). Usually when I stop taking pills period would just start, but it didn't. First month, second, third... I went to the doctor.