House in Orlando

Daria Dubois
3 min readJun 11, 2020

Concept: This house is a one-story single-family house, semiattached on the east side to the twin house. It has a single garage mostly used as a storage and laundry. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet also mostly used for household items, and a bathroom with a very love ceiling. The guest bedroom is the only room that has a view of the backyard swimming pool. The kitchen is combined with the living room, but barely has any space for comfortable cooking and dining. No office space.

Space flaws: lack of laundry and storage space, limited view and access to the pool, lack of light. Absence of space for work.

Solution: Implement an open layout concept with more light sources and windows. Create easy access to the swimming pool and comfortable entry back into the indoor space from the pool. Create more functional storage and garage space. Develop a private and spacious space for the main bedroom. Shape a dining and office space.

Old plans:

New Concept:

Plan 1 Floor:

In the new concept, laundry is separate from the garage space with a separate entrance from the foyer. Double ceiling gallery-like living room space. The guest bedroom has taken place of the old master bedroom. Master bathroom and walk-in closet been removed to add space to the living room and a staircase. The old guest bedroom has been turned into the lounge pool area with folding glass doors. The kitchen is now located in the very western corner of the house and opens access to the barbeque zone of the backyard.

Plan 2 Floor:

The second floor contains the owner's private space of the house and has only a single door at the entry into space from the staircase terrace. The Master bedroom is located right above the guest bedroom on the first floor. It was a balcony with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. The bathroom is separated with glass walls from the bedroom and a dressing room that faces a swimming pool. Westside of the second floor has an office space and a terrace that seats above the kitchen.

Section drawing: