Hotel concept: The Bridge Hotel

Daria Dubois
4 min readFeb 25, 2020


— time, place or means of connection.


What industry is this in? — Hotel industry, educational, entertaining.

What are the key trends in the industry? — community, being local, connections, growth, development.


Who are the current competitors or indirect competitors? — kids camps, IT bootcamps, hotels by the educational institutions (The Yale Hotel), hostels.

What are their strengths and weaknesses? — competitors target only very specific and very specific groups of interests mostly oriented on families, kids or affordable longing.

How are the competitors positioned? —


Who is the customer for this hotel? — people who are looking to develop new skills / learn from someone else or teach, or focus on the specific idea in their own group / people who want to connect with other travelers and have social experiences

Create customer profiles / demographics

  • solo traveler who wants to meet new people and share experiences
  • travelers who want to pick up new skills while traveling
  • people who need to get out from their own routine to focus on a project or idea or to build a stronger team.
  • Looking for social experiences
  • Age: 18–60

Why would they choose you? — The Bridge hotel connects people in space and time and provides a setup to be social, to focus and grow, to share and learn. Its all space is designed for guests to interact with each other and to motivate and inspire. The Bridge Hotel is a recreation for mind and a step to the new beginning.

How does your hotel meet their needs? — hotel is primarily focused on collaboration feel and social interaction design concepts. The interior design is focused on the common space mostly, making it the place to be. Multiple rooms for collaboration and social interaction with face-to-face concept and installations that bring curiosity out and turns guests back to the out of the box childlike thinking.

taking the main aspect of the idea of making an accent on the group experience and socializing.


Describe the hotel — medium between student hostels and luxury hotels. Please that brings out student mindset, curiosity and sense of community/collaboration. It is a getaway for productivity and growth, the place that limits digital distraction and provides space to connect, learn and create.

What's the name: The BridgeHotel

Describe the product or service offering — sharing skills classes, collaboration spaces, networking events, quiet private corners to hide.

What are the core competencies: Educational institutions, Hostels, Skills camps, Dorms

Where is it located: On the border of the big city, not too far to travel out of the city and not too far from the city for visitors.

The single most important thing about the hotel: connection

What's the unique factor:

Describe the personality of the hotel in 3–5 adj: social, active, curious, playful, architectural, accepting.


Inspiration: student dorms, the community around hostels, office lounges, airport libraries, creative studios, meeting rooms, interactive installations.

Design Goal

What do you want the design to communicate: connection and creativity

How the design supports the hotel concept: productive vs calming vs hiding colors, common area as the main space, out of the room - out of the box concept.


Bridging past and present: student & prof

Bridging ideas and skills

Bridging people and cultures

Bridging out and in: busy city and nature quietness